Remote desktop to Ubuntu 13.04 from Windows 7

This simple and brief tutorial is going to show you how to remote access Ubuntu 13.04 desktop from Windows 7. While RDP is not working with Unity 3D very well, in this handy tutorial I will use VNC.


  • Enable remote access in Ubuntu 13.04
  • Install a VNC viewer in Windows 7

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. In Ubuntu 13.04 desktop, searh Desktop Sharing in the Unity Dash and you’ll find the build-in utility to enable and setup vnc remote access.

Under Sharing, check the two checkboxes to enable remote access. If you check “You must confirm each access to this machine”, you’ll get a confirm dialog asking for “Refuse” or “Allow” in Ubuntu desktop.


2. Now download and install a VNC viewer in Windows 7. Choose one from the following download links:

RealVNC Viewer



3. Launch the VNC viewer you just installed, and type in the host name or IP address of your Ubuntu machine, then click Connect. In Ubuntu Desktop, find the IP by Unity panel network applet -> connection information.


4. Input the password if any, and you’re done. Enjoy!


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