Install Cisco VPN Client in Ubuntu 12.04

This tutorial will show you how to install and setup cisco vpn connection in Ubuntu 12.04. You don’t have to do anything special to install Cisco VPN client. The default network manager supports Cisco IPSec VPNs. So this handy tutorial will also work on Ubuntu 11.10, 12.10.

First install cisco vpn plugin for network manager. Search for and install network-manager-vpnc in Ubuntu Software Center.

Then click on the network applet in top panel to edit connections. Under VPN tab, click Add.

Choose “Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc)” which is compatible with various Cisco, Juniper, Netscreen, and Sonicwall IPSec-basedVPN.

In next window, input your vpn details. Finally, go to IPv4 Settings tab -> Routes… -> check “Use this connection only for resources on its network”.

That’s it!

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